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The top-of-the-range DM-7 is our next-generation digital voice recorder – and a testimony to our commitment to ………

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High-end advanced technology

The top-of-the-range DM-7 Olympus is our next-generation digital voice recorder – and a testimony to our commitment to breakthrough technology. Equipped with Wi-Fi for the first time, it enables to record in a whole new level. While smartphone compatibility allows you to remote control your recorder from a distance to achieve clearer recordings, you can link photos taken by smartphone as a visual index to the recording timeline. Top quality recordings are guaranteed by the low-noise stereo microphone with 90° outward orientation to capture sound from all directions. The re-designed user interface offers better visibility with colour screen and graphic icons, easier operation with its scroll function, and improved usability with intuitive design. Offering even better usability than before, the Voice Command can now be used to control the recorder simply by speaking to it, while the format for the Text-to-Speech function has been improved to support txt, html, doc, and docx formats.

Enhanced Usability

Our Olympus Audio Controller smartphone app enables remote control recordings via Wi-Fi, which optimizes the recording quality by allowing you to set the recorder close to the speaker. Download the recorded files from the recorder to your smartphone – to instantly share your recordings. The Olympus Audio Controller smartphone app is free of charge.

High recording quality with superb stereo feeling

The low-noise microphone boasts a 90° outward orientation, delivering stereo sound recordings with natural ambiance. In addition, the increased size of the openings around the microphone allow for higher quality recordings and playbacks.

More options

Voice Command offers even better usability than before by allowing you to easily set the menu using your voice Text-to-Speech function has also been improved to support txt, html, doc and docx formats.

OLYMPUS Audio Controller

Using the combination of a smartphone and an Olympus Audio Recorder, the app allows you to experience a whole new way of recording, remote controlling recording devices or linking images to recorded files.



Remote control from smartphonesWi-Fi CERTIFIED

Using Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphones can start and stop recording as well as add index marks.

  • *Regardless of the recorder settings, any remote recording using the OLYMPUS Audio Controller will be made using the MP3 format at 128kbps.

Link images to voice files (Visual Index)

You can attach images taken on your smartphone to recorded audio files on the DM-7 Olympus. The process for attaching images is the same as for adding normal index marks. You can select from 4 different types of index marks, which allows you to easily locate recording positions.

Share data with Dropbox

The recorded data can be uploaded to Dropbox easily. By saving the data to Dropbox, you can play or edit the recordings with another smartphone or tablet PC which has the Audio Controller installed. You can also play your recordings and share them with friends using the Dropbox app on any of your devices.

Easy setup

It’s easy to setup a Wi-Fi connection between the DM-7 Olympus recorder and your smartphone. Simply scan the QR code displayed on the recorder using your smartphones camera.

OLYMPUS Audio Controller

Olympus DM-7 Digital Recorder


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