Dragon-Medical 3.2 upgrade from v 11 and up.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2 Upgrade

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New! Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2 Upgrade

Dragon-Medical Practice Edition 2 now replaces Dragon Medical 11 and is more accurate than ever – in fact it is 20% more accurate than Dragon Medical 11!

Upgrade only notice:

Important: Dragon Medical V11 licence is required to be installed or the installation disk must be on hand for installation of the upgrade to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2.

Dictate directly into your EMR/EHR or computer up to 160 words per minute, with up to 99% accuracy! Dictate quickly and naturally as you always have, speaking any pharmaceutical, anatomical, medical term or even proper names, and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 types it accurately.
With 90 medical speciality vocabularies, support for multiple regional accents, integration with virtually all EMR/EHRs and with compatibility with Windows XP®-through Windows 8®, you’ll never miss tedious typing on a keyboard again!

Medical dictation has never been as easy, cost-effective or fast as it is now.

Please Note: Technical Support is not included in the price of this software and is essential for Dragon Medical Practice Users. Order Technical Support.

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