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The DS-3500 Olympus professional dictation system is designed to dramatically increase efficiency and streamline……..

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Product Description

End of Life – The Perfect Blend Of Premium Features And Ease Of Use

The DS-3500 Olympus professional dictation system is designed to dramatically increase efficiency and streamline operations in any professional environment. Packed with premium features and intuitive controls, it’s easily manageable, secure and absolutely mobile – an outstanding dictation device for wherever your job might take you.

Endless Flexibility

A vast array of functions and accessories, audio codes and indexing options, as well as support for multiple worktypes and users, makes the DS-3500 customizable enough to suit any purpose in any IT environment. The ODMS software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP and Mac OS X.

Enhanced Security

Every professional sector invilves sensitive information in the workplace that needs to be safeguarded by the strictest data security.  The Olympus DS-3500 protects dictations against unintended access by means of sophisticated 256 or 128 bit file encryption.  Only authors and typists who know the particular password can open a file.  The device can also be locked with a 4 digit PIN code, making sure all data stays off linits to unauthorised individuals.

Expandable Storage Capacity

Dual SD and microSD card slots allow for up to 32GB of total memory. The included 2GB microSD card holds up to approximately 306 hours of recording time.

Full Workflow Integration

Packaged with next-generation Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software and compatible with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, the DS-3500 is designed to become an essential part of any office’s dictation workflow directly out of the box. Support for up to 32 index marks per dictation file makes it easy to locate critical information.

Intuitive Control

Redesigned push-button playback controls and three programmable function buttons allow for simple, easy operation.

Superior Sound Quality

The DS-3500’s redesigned, speech-optimised microphone is independently housed for flawless sound reproduction. It’s the only Olympus Professional Dictation device to support DSS/DSS Pro, WAV and MP3 recording formats.



With its clear and simple operation concept, the DS-3500 Olympus ensures maximum efficiency and productivity. It has a 2″ colour TFT LCD  with 60,000 colours and white LED backlight. Access to all main commands is cleverly positioned on the unit side to allow intuitive operation  via push buttons. For conference recording it also provides additional  audio codecs. With an external stereo microphone you can create stereo  recordings in MP3 or PCM (WAV).


  • 2″ full colour display (65,000 colours)
  • Control via Push buttons
  • 256 bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec
  • Perfect for recording conferences and interviews in stereo (with external stereo microphones)
  • Flexible dictation tagging (with DSS Pro)
  • Geared for Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Device lock by PIN code
  • Dedicated docking station with easy and light connection feeling
  • Editing functions (overwrite/insert/delete/security lock)
  • Customise functions to user needs
  • Hands free dictation with optional footswitch
  • Digital Voice Recorder in full metal body
  • Full integration into professional workflow possible
  • PCM (WAV) and MP3 recording / playback format
  • Convenient data transfer to PC via USB, SD-Card or USB docking station (not included)


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