DS-9000 Kit | Professional Dictation Recorder with Cradle, Power supply and software

$699.00 $645.00 RRP

DS-9000 Kit Feature Highlights;
▪ Slide switch for simple, intuitive operation
▪ Directional recording modes for Dictation
and Conference recording
▪ Intelligent Dual Microphone System
▪ Triple-layer pop filter blocks breath and wind vibrations
▪ Secure 256-bit AES encryption, data loss
prevention and PIN code
▪ DS2 | DSS | PCM | MP3 Recording formats
▪ Large 2.4” colour display for easy viewing
▪ Docking station for fast charging
▪ Rugged, shockproof body: drop tested to 1.5m
▪ Integrated memory, SD/SDHC card slot (cards not included)

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Product Description

New Olympus DS-9000 Kit features intelligent 2 Microphone system, 4 position switch, colour screen with rechargeable battery.

The integrated microphones allow you to record in high quality stereo to record conference or interviews. Besides, the second microphone can be used to suppress background noises so that the main microphone can focus with a high directionality to the speaker’s voice. By this means you are enabled to create dictations as well for speech recognition anytime anywhere both in quiet and noisy environments.

Mobile dictation, secure file management, fast sharing. Your professional mobile dictation solution

You decide when, where and how you dictate. Two microphones ensure flawless speech quality in every situation. Use USB or RJ45 LAN  to download and share your files from the DS-9000 Kit

Enjoy greater efficiency and more time for the things that are important to you.

Flexible dictation in any environment

In noisy conditions the main microphone is recording in a high directionality mode together with noise cancellation in order to focus on the voice. The noise from the surrounding will be supressed to minimum. In quiet situations, no matter from which angle you speak into the device, the omni-directional microphones pick up your voice accurately. In this mode, you can hold the device in your hand any way you like.  Conference mode with intelligent auto records in high quality stereo.  Recording levels are automatically adjusted to the loudness of different speakers’ voices.

Easy and secure management with ODMS software

The ODMS R7 software allows you to easily share your files with recipients. Prioritise highly important files. Check out how ODMS R7 enhances your wireless dictation workflow.

Your files at a glance

With the workgroup installation of ODMS R7 and Olympus SCP, you can see the status of your dictations in the list view on your DS-9000 Kit.

Intuitive operation for full concentration during dictation

The slide switch ensures intuitive operation. The high-quality materials make the dictation machine’s slide switch even more robust and durable.

Efficient working with the Docking station.

The DS-9000 Docking Station provides the seamless connection to your PC. When connected to an Olympus AC Adapter, it charges the DS-9000 in under 2 hours. Optionally, you can connect it with a footswitch and control the device remotely, allowing for hands-free dictation.

 The Docking Station´s LAN connector provides an alternative to transfer files to the network without direct access to a PC.

Secure your dictation device with a PIN

A security PIN protects your data from unauthorised access.

Encryption at a high security level

AES 256-bit encryption provides high-standard data security