LS-12 Olympus

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The LS-12 Olympus recorder offers improved low noise and high quality ……

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LS-12 Olympus.

When professional sound meets simplicity.

The LS-12 Olympus Recorder offers improved low noise and high quality microphones that capture flawless sound.  Combined with new mode dials and various music functionality, the LS-12 is where intuitive simplicity meets oustanding audio capturing fidelity.





Easy manual recording with SMART Mode

Recording outstanding high fidelity audio has never been easier with the LS-12 Olympus SMART recording mode.  Simply set the dial to ‘SMART’, press the dedicated recording button and then play with the highest volume during the countdown.  The LS-12 Olympus will automatically set an appropriate recording level after the countdown.  The true recording shall begin as soon as the countdown finishes.

Maximum SPL of 130 Decibels captures clear sound even in the loudest of environments.

A newly designed set of stereo microphones and low latency amplifier circuits have allowed Olympus engineers to create an audio recording device with a maximum SPL level of 130 decibels.  Perfect for instruments that have striking qualities such as drums and percussion.  Additionally, this ensures that the LS-12 can be used even when close to even the loudest of instruments.


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LS-12 Olympus Music Recorder