ME 52W Noise Cancellation / Uni Directional Microphone

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ME 52W  Noise Cancellation Microphone.  Tilt adjustable, Includes windscreen, tie clip & 1m extension cord

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ME 52W – Noise Cancellation Microphone.  Tilt adjustable, Includes Windscreen, Tie Clip & amp; 1 m extension cord

Digital voice recorders provide great solutions for voice recognition applications, however background noise will sometimes cause a problem. The ME 52W is designed to minimise the background noise taken into the recorder. The voices will therefore be much clearer.

The ME-52W plugs directly into your digital recorder’s 3.5mm microphone jack for uni-directional recording in high-noise environments. The ME 52W will cut down on much of the background noise and result in more accurate transcription. It also comes with windscreen cover, a tie-clip and 1m extension cord.

Ideal for use in cafes etc where background noise can overtake what you are recording.


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