VN 7700 Digital VR Olympus

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VN 7700 – Digital VR Olympus ( 2 GB Internal Memory )

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VN 7700 – Digital Voice Recorder Olympus ( 2 GB Internal Memory )


Ultimate Ease in Handling Allowing Simple, One-Handed Operation

The VN-7700 features the ultimate ease in handling, and allows for simple one-handed operation with large, highly visible buttons that can be thumb-operated, and a front speaker for easy listening. The VN-7700 has been ergonomically designed to fit the forefinger and made easier to carry.

Full Range of Basic Features Broaden the Range of Use

The VN-7700 is simple to use with a complete range of advanced features available including a noise cancelling function to provide clear sound playback quality, partial repeat and 15-setting playback speed control. A 16-point index and file divide function makes it quick and easy to find the exact spot in a recording that you’re searching for. Repeat loops, voice activated recording (VCVA) and other options ensure clear and convenient playback, as well as making the VN-7700 perfect for hands-free operation.

Large Diameter, Low-Noise Microphone

The large-diameter, omnidirectional microphone records sound from all directions for more comprehensive recording. Thanks to the microphone’s noise reduction capabilities, the VN-7700 captures fewer residual sounds, like breathing, making it perfect for dictations in any environment.

Long Battery Life you can Rely On When Out and About

Through the development of new low power consumption circuitry, Olympus have achieved a long battery life of up to 86 hours of recording on the VN-7700 voice recorder. This technology makes audio recording more convenient than ever and provides peace of mind to first-time digital voice recorder users.


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