WS-831 Olympus

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Olympus Digital USB Direct Recorder with micro SD….


Product Description

Direct USB connection with Built-in microSD Card Slot

The WS-831 recorder supports microSD cards up to 32GB located inside the battery compartment.  An integrated USB connector can be easily deployed using the slide lever for direct connection to a PC.  With no need for extra cables or special software, the transfer between PC and recorder is simple.  The recorded can also second as an external data storage device.

Enhanced Directional Stereo Microphones

By positioning the two low-noise directional stereo microphones in a 90 degree layout, the WS series can record with a supurb stereo feel.  The stereo quality of the WS series enables you to understand the direction or locations of speakers in meetings and conferences – long after the actual recording has been made.

Streamlined GUI with With Easy File Seach & Calendar Function

By utilising tile icons, Olympus have realised a more intuitive and easy to use Graphical User Interface.  Two function buttons have also been added to simplify changing between the carious modes.  The many audio files saved on the recorder are automatically managed by date.  Displaying files in a calendar format allows files to be found quickly and easily.

Trouble-Free Recording with Scene Select

By pressing and holding the menu key, recording and scene selection options can be accessed.  The modes automatically configures and optimise settings according to the situation.  With five recording preset modes: Lecture, Conferences, Meeting, Dictation & DNS (for Speech to Text application) and two playback modes: Transcription & Language Study, it’s possible for anyone to easily achieve trouble-free, high quality recording and playback.


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